Set of 6 Holiday Favor Boxes – Angel


These joyful Angel boxes are the perfect treat dispenser for your Christmas holiday festivities!


Additional Information

The Angel Triangle Boxes are made with 65 lb. cardstock for all pieces of this box. The box is laser cut and scored to the dimensions of 4” x 3” x 1”.

There is a no glue needed to assemble this box. You simply fold each box along the pre-score lines, peel away the strip covering the double-stick tape and assemble box according to simple instructions that are provided.

3D elements: Angel’s head, and the song book are inkjet printed then laser cut three times. Each layer is then glued together to give the elements strength and durability. The wings are laser cut from 65 lb. cardstock and are a single layer. Double-stick tape is applied to the backs of each 3D element piece. You simply peel the double-stick tape strip off and attach the pieces to the assembled box. The Angel’s halo has gold glitter applied.

A piece of ribbon comes with this box. Glue will be needed to attach the ribbon to the box front (glue is not provided).

This box opens from the bottom. A printed belly band is provided for each box. This band wraps around the exterior of the box and securely holds the goodies you’ve put inside. This band is easily removed to open the box.

At no extra charge, each box comes with a printed self-stick triangle label imprinted with your personalized holiday greeting.

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